Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother's Day Wishes

With Mother's Day coming up next week have you given much thought to what you would like? Are there any family traditions you like to do each Mother's Day? Our family does the very typical Sunday morning brunch. But after brunch I do something that is not so typical; I ask for my husband to take the kids out for a few hours so I can have a little time to myself.

I'm sure there's more than a few moms that probably just stopped reading in disgust but it's my Mother's Day and that's what I like. I'm at stay-at-home mom who has a husband that travels a fair amount so I spend copious amounts of time alone with my children. We also do many family activities when Hubs is home on the weekend so that angle is covered as well. What I don't get a lot of is alone time, especially in my own home.

What I wish for on Mother's Day is for some peace and quiet. I still enjoy brunch with my Hubs, kids and the rest of the family. But after a very chaotic family brunch I want to be able to enjoy my own home without the noise, the crying, the fighting, and all the other things that come with my normal life of being a stay-at-home mom. 

What do I do with my alone time? Anything I want!! Last year I watched a movie in the middle of the day. When's the last time you can say you did that without it being a kids movie?? I also ate snacks and had a nap...a nap!!! I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with my time alone this year but I am tempted to actually go out of the house and attend the Maggie Walt fashion show that afternoon. But in all likelihood I'll probably stay home, eat bonbons, and read a book in bed in the middle of the afternoon - what a treat!

Is there anything you do on Mother's Day that isn't the norm? Or anything you WISH you could do?  Share! Maybe I'll get some new ideas for next year ;)


  1. Personally I think time to ones self is a mandatory present for Mothers day! My husband and kids buy me a book and let me read it in peace! I adore my kids and husband but even mommy deserves a bit of peace and quiet! I'm already thinking of what completly frivalous book I could read!!! Have fun!

  2. Unfortunately, my Mother's Day usually revolves around my mother and/or my mother-in-law. So, it's not really my day at all.

    If I could request anything, it would be an ideal "me" day.

    - Breakfast with kiddo and hubby
    - Yoga
    - Massage and pedicure
    - A scrumptious light lunch of a crossaint sandwich, yogurt and fresh fruit
    - A book and nap in an empty house
    - Dinner provided by my hubby (order in Chinese food)
    - An evening walk with a Chai Latte at the end of it
    - A DVD (of my choosing) and popcorn at home after the child is tucked in bed.

    Too much to ask for??? I think so.

    I hope your Mother's Day is everything your heart (and mind) yearns for.

  3. Glad to know I'm not alone by wanting some time alone on Mother's Day!

    Jennifer, I think that day sounds ideal. Maybe next year you can do brunch with the whole family (both sides) and then get the rest of the day you would love. Ask and maybe you'll at least get part of it!