Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A FIERCE Way To Have Fun!

This past weekend I was very fortunate to hang out with some amazing women at a FIERCE Fusion event that was held at Miss Boss Handbags and Accessories. FIERCE Fusion events are for women to get together in a fun atmosphere to be able to connect, share stories, learn from one another, and make business contacts.

The location for the mixer was a great choice. It was flirty and fun with wine, dessert, shopping and good conversation; a very girly affair!  The best part was meeting some amazing ladies that I've been chatting with on Twitter. The event was a great way to meet new FIERCE women in a casual, fun environment. It also didn't hurt that I found some great new jewelry, and a Matt & Nat wristlet!

There's a handful of new FIERCE Fusion events coming up over the next few months that cover a broad range of Women's topics. There's events called Sexy Panel, Shopping at Sephora and Money Talks. Be sure to check them out on MOM Magazine. You'll get to meet some amazing women, learn something new and possibly come away with a goodie or two ;)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Overwhelming Gratitude

Between the Run For The Cure last weekend and Thanksgiving this weekend I've been feeling many moments of gratitude. How can one not feel gratitude when watching close to 10,000 walkers/runners/spectators/volunteers support finding a cure for breast cancer and then the next weekend being surrounded by loved ones over a meal we all helped out with, laughing, smiling and enjoying each other's company?

This week has been very enlightening and inspirational. It made me reflect on everything I experienced this week and brought tears to my eyes, made me smile, or laugh out loud and I came up with this list of just a few things that made me experience these things:

- at the Run the corporate team who raised the most funds raised them in support of Kelly Mah. It was so incredibly sad to hear that Kelly had passed away just weeks before the Run, but her efforts to help other breast cancer patients is inspirational.

- several times this week (yoga, shopping for a FIERCE dress, and Thanksgiving) I realized how incredibly lucky I am to have a sister-in-law who I share so many interests and passions with. It's such a pleasure to have an amazing friend who always has my back, not only because she has to (because we're family) but because she wants to. She helps to broaden my horizons, she supports my efforts, she brings me a ton of support and makes me laugh. Seriously, thank GOD my brother found her!

- my husband was sooooo supportive over the past few weeks. Even though he is incredibly stressed out from everything at his work, he watched the kids a ton so I could make all my volunteer commitments and he didn't complain once. He offered hugs, support and lots of love. It makes me feel so understood and loved.

- my little fruitcakes were so cute this week! J had her first field trip. It made me realize how adaptable she is to situations, how excited those things make her, and how much pleasure I get watching her enjoy the small things in life. C made me so proud watching him in his last swim lesson class and make friends with kids twice his age at the playground. He's adventurous and so sweet. It's a treat to watch him interact with other kids and adults, he's growing up so fast! They are pretty amazing little souls.

- I got so excited this week when I heard back from 2 new organizations about Because Edmonton Cares potentially helping them. Every time an organization talks to me about needing some help, someone signs up to volunteer at one of our events, or I get a new person interested in helping out I get giddy. It makes me thankful to be able to do something for our community with the help of some amazing volunteers.

- My family is everything to me and seeing them all at Thanksgiving dinner just reminded me how thankful I am for all of them. They are so supportive, helpful and loving; how did I get so lucky to be a part of this family?! I am so grateful for them that I could never fully express my love for them.

This week has been very emotional and inspirational. If all weeks could be like this I think my feet would never touch the ground. I know all weeks can't be like this but I am sure appreciative of them when they come along; it makes me so grateful for all that I have in this life.