Monday, April 25, 2011

My City, My Home

I love my city. I can't say it enough. I hear people complain about the weather, the potholes, the construction and yet all I see is a city I love. What I see is multiculturalism, community spirit, and amazing opportunities for Edmontonians to get together like one big family through festivals and events.

There is always something fantastic to do, you just need to look for them. I always read the What's On section in the local paper, and use several websites to see what exciting things are happening I can attend.

Last week my sister-in-law came with me and we attended the Edmonton Volunteer Fair which was held in West Edmonton Mall. There were 100 non-profit organizations represented at the fair so there was a little something of everything! It was a great opportunity to speak with them and find out how we can make a difference in our community. I was also extremely flattered to have 1 group recognize our volunteer group by name...yay for Because Edmonton Cares!

If you missed the fair and are interested in helping out at some of the fabulous upcoming festivals they have another fair happening on May 12th.  Go to to get all the details!

This coming weekend, April 30th and May 1st, I'm excited to witness the Over The Top Edmonton Fashion Swap. Last year I had several friends attend and they RAVED about their new finds. I even commented on a friend's jacket a few weeks ago and she said it was one of the items she got at the swap so I know you find good stuff!  

If you've never heard of it before you're missing out. You bring in some items from your closet and after they get fairly evaluated you get gold, silver and/or bronze tokens to go spend on the other items at the show.  They also have a spa set up so you can get complimentary hair treatments and make-overs.

Not only is this a great way to spruce up your wardrobe but you get to participate in an event that's helping out our community at the same time. If you have any items that are not suited to swapping you can still bring them in and donate them. All donated items and remaining items at the end of the show will be given to the Canadian Diabetes Association and Bissell Centre. How great is that!!  Hope to see you all there this weekend :)

Another great find in this city was when I stumbled across the company Modern Mama. The company hosts mom-focused fashion, lifestyle and parenting events that allow you to bring your baby along. Most events have nannies at them so you can check out this amazing city with your baby in tow.  Did I EVER need this company after I had kids! I was feeling fairly isolated and that I was missing out on so many things being home with the kids all the time. Now I'm finally getting to check out so many cool stores, and most importantly I'm meeting other moms!

I'm a huge advocate for this company as I love the events they put on! I'm ESPECIALLY excited about the next two events I'm attending. I've signed up for the West End Babysitter Mixer on May 4th. It's an event where you go meet sitters over 17 yrs old. You get a chance to ask them some questions in a casual atmosphere while enjoying some wine and sweet treats. And since most people don't have a sitter yet they have nannies available if you need to bring your children along. I've heard many moms rave about the sitters they find at these events so I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm absolutely giddy about this one. Really. I know many people can't really picture me giddy but I honestly am! The Weekend Walkabout  is on May 7th and it's a guided shopping tour of some of Edmonton's coolest shops with a personal stylist! EEK! We meet with her first to discuss what we're looking for, what we want to add to or change in our wardrobe and then we're off to shop. Not only will I get an expert's advice (who is working for ME) but we get discounts at each store! I can't wait for this event to come up and I'll be sure to post some photos of my finds.

There are so many fantastic things in this city - go out and experience some of them! Volunteer, go check out some of the festivals and learn about other cultures, and most importantly...connect with the people who live around you.

*all views expressed in my blog are my own :)


  1. It is great to love where you live, I feel the same way about my town and my state, NY. Thanks for a fun post. I love the idea of a babysitter fair, I would be giddy too! Happy Monday!

  2. What a fantastic idea, love a good swap!! My husband has been to your town, he loved it. He was on an adventure training exercise & he was the only daddy so took 7 soldiers with him to buy baby girl clothes, hilarious. Love Posie