Wednesday, January 30, 2013

December Book Reviews

It's this > < close to the end of January and I still haven't posted my December book reviews! Better late than never:

1.  Love Anthony - Lisa Geneva: I loved Lisa's other books so was really excited that she had a new one out. I felt that this book really diverted from the successful components of her other two books. What I loved about her other books is she really made the main characters understandable, and relateable. In this one I felt she lost some of that when she added a bit of a supernatural component in order to tell the story of a boy with autism. It's still a decent read but not near on par with her other works.

2. The Austere Academy - Lemony Snicket: I love this series! Get it for your kids and read it with them when they're about 8 or 9.

3. The Hobbit -   J.R.R. Tolkien: I believe I read this book when I was in jr. high so to say it was a bit fuzzy is being generous! I figured with the movie coming out I wanted a refresher and I'm so glad I picked it back up again. Tolkien had such a rich imagination that allows the reader to feel that Middle Earth is part of our past. Such a wonderful novel that needs to be read by all generations!

4. The Ersatz Elevator - lemony Snickey: Same comments as #2!

5. Walking Dead - Robert Kirkman: I love the TV series so figured I would give the graphic novels a try. Unless you're a fan of both graphic novels and the series I wouldn't suggest it as it does leave much to the imagination; the dialogue is sparse.

6. Les Miserables - Victor Hugo: I read the unabridged version and all I can say is that Hugo was in desperate need of a good editor. There are many sections that are really unnecessary to the true theme of the story and just weigh it down. Still there are some good characters and the storyline has good bones. It's a classic for a reason. Give it a read but definitely pick up the abridged version!