Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Calendar Overload

On a daily basis I struggle with my calendar; we have a love/hate relationship. I love being busy and doing so many fun things but I also hate looking at the next two months and seeing maybe 3 days/nights without anything on the schedule.

Recently I bowed out of 2 commitments in order to try to alleviate some stress off my overflowing calendar and yet I feel like I haven't removed anything at all. The calendar still looks as busy as ever and I am not sure how to rectify this. If anything, it's just going to get worse as the kids start swimming on Saturday and DD's soccer starts up in a few weeks.

Bowing out of 2 commitments was huge for me, I never do anything like that...ever! I was the person at work that used to get there at 7am, work through lunch, stay until my work was completed, take work home, etc.. I have carried that over to my personal life and I'm not sure how to scale back.

My inability to say no and my need to be seen as a capable person have led me into deep waters and I'm sinking. So,  I've decided that I need to once again take a serious look at all the activities I've committed to and start scaling back.  There's some things on the list I would never touch as they're too near to my heart but there's others I do out of a sense of obligation so I'm thinking those will be at the top of the list!

Now, one might wonder what I have planned for the nights I want to free up. Watch tv? Go to bed early? Read more?  Nope, I hope to entertain more. Yep...more work! BUT I think this is positive work because it leads to building closer relationships with my friends and family. Sometimes I feel so scattered with so many commitments it leads to relationships that don't go beyond the surface and instead I want deeper, more meaningful friendships and relationships.

To achieve this I know I will need to drop more than a few things off my current buffet of activities so I'm thinking it will take me a little while to sort it out and make the right decisions. Here's hoping I can figure this out so I can have you all over soon for some good food and an even better chat ;)

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