Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Do-Over

Well, if anyone read my last post they know I was really looking forward to Mother's Day and my time alone. I even said to my SIL on Saturday night how much Mother's Day means to me. I must have jinxed it.

When I got home on Saturday night my 3yr old son was kept waking up with a sore tummy and I could tell we had the beginning of a stomach bug. Within the first 30 minutes I had changed his night-time pullup three times. I stayed up with him until about midnight and then Hubs took over so I could get some sleep. I was praying I'd wake up and he'd feel better but sadly that wasn't the case.

We still decided to get ready for brunch since we'd already bought the tickets to go and as I was doing my hair I could hear my son crying so went to check on him. He was standing in the bathroom with poop EVERYWHERE. I've never seen anything like it. On the walls, on the floor, on his clothes. Yep. Happy Mother's Day.

There was no way I could take this kid anywhere, he might get someone else sick! So I had the job of cleaning poop out of his clothes and the floor while hubby gave our son a bath. Then instead of getting into my new dress to wear to brunch I threw on some jeans and ran to get groceries since we were running low on wipes and pullups (since he's potty trained except for at night we don't keep many supplies like this).

I'd fully admit that I had a good cry. When I thought about my ideal Mother's Day of sleeping in, going to brunch and having a few hours to myself I thought I was being pretty realistic by knowing I'd only maybe get 2 out of 3 of those wishes. But never did I think this would be my Mother's Day. Admittedly I've been having a string of bad things happen lately so this hit harder than it might have but all in all it's still a sucky thing to happen.  I just wanted 1 day to feel special, feel appreciated and acknowledged for my work as a stay-at-home-mom.

Oh, and as per the rule of life my son slept through the night last night and isn't complaining about his stomach at all today. Figures.


  1. Aww sorry to hear about your boy. Well it's never too late for a MAKE-Up Mother's Day =)

  2. That's just poopy (lame pun intended - I'm such a geek).

    Seriously, I wish you could have had your dream Mother's Day times 100. You deserve a day of bliss more than anyone... perhaps you'll get that do-over soon.

    BIG HUGS to you.

  3. hugs.. i can always us a do over.. visit us.and it will surely lift your spirit.. .. im following u as well.

  4. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award. Please check out my blog for more info and pass it on to other bloggers:

    Talk to you soon!

  5. So I have had this problem no lie every year I have had my youngest (my daughter will be 4) until this year. I finally had a good mothers day. Every year someone is sick and I am the care giver of course. This is the first year I can remember (and my son is 11) that I finally had a awesome day!
    Just remember you are a mother every day not just one day. You are amazing for doing what you do and your "others" do love you. You dont need one day with a card to tell you that :)