Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Reads

Two book posts in a row! Good thing I write these down or I might have forgotten what I've read :)

1. The House at Riverton - Kate Morton  - I like Kate's style of writing. Most of her books are the same sort of concept/style but I do enjoy them. Of the 3 books of hers I've read I'd actually say this was my least favourite. It was her first book so it's good to see she got better over time as it makes me hopeful for future books.

2. Lolita - Victor Nabakov - Creepy, creepy, creepy novel. Not sure this book would have bothered me as much prior to having my own little girl, now it hits me on a whole new level. Creepy!

3. The Sentimentalist - Johanna Skibsurd  - I had no idea where she was going with this novel. I figured it was about her and her relationship with her dad but then at the end she threw in another storyline but didn't really give a final explanation so I found it to be disjointed.

4. The Titan's Curse - Rick Riordan - again after reading 2 heavier books in a row I opted for a mind break with this one. I got the series when I was buying Scholastic books for the kids and am glad I have it for my backup break books :) Simple concept, simple read.

5. These Things Hidden - Heather Gudenkauf - again one of my Safeway bargain bin buys. You never know what you're going to get but I found it to be a pleasant read. I enjoyed it even with the somewhat heavy subject matter.

6. Little Bee - Chris Cleave - Interesting concept for the book. I liked the way the story played out BUT I found it to be another heavy book that was depressing. I was expecting more of an uplifting read so it might not have been the right time to read it.

7. The Book Thief - Markus Zusak - Finally! A book that I liked pretty much everything about it. I liked the speed of it, the way it was written, the concept of having Death narrate the book to us...if was full of great things. I finished this book on the plane back from holidays and am sure many people were wondering what was making me sob so much! Definitely the book over the past couple months that I would suggest to others.

8. Stones into Schools - Greg Mortenson - a good book. I didn't find it as moving as his first book but it was still informative. He started something great and it was like a follow-up book to keep the project in the minds of those that support the project. Good to see people are waking up and helping him build these schools, especially the military support he gets now.

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