Monday, May 30, 2011

A Week Of Fun

I enjoyed so many things this week that I thought I'd blog about it! We did such a variety of things that the week had a little something of everything.

My Week of Fun started on holiday Monday when, along with my folks, we took the kids to the Telus World of Science to see the IMAX film Born To Be Wild. We got there early so enjoyed playing with all the science displays; the kids LOVE the hands-on experiments. They don't understand them yet but the more we go the more I'm sure they'll start to get interested on how and why things work the way they do. The film was great! It was only about 40 minutes or so (great for a 4yr old and 3yr old) and they loved watching the animals get a bath! We enjoyed ourselves so much I bought a yearly pass as we'll pay for it within 2 visits. I'm planning on taking the kids again in a couple weeks as the new show, Sesame Street presents The Body, it starts this weekend and runs all summer.

On Tuesday night I met up with some friends to see go for dinner and see a concert. After a rough start (I forgot one of the tickets) I still ended up having a lovely dinner with Two and The City at Bistecca. After dinner we made it for about the last 15 minutes of the opening act - Bright Eyes. I only know maybe 1 of their songs so wasn't really familiar with their stuff. We went to see Death Cab For Cutie and they performed really well! I found the sound to be a bit off at the beginning but it was fixed and I enjoyed the show.

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending the Modern Mama Hottest Tot Products event which was held at the Century Grill. What a fun night!!! There were some pretty amazing products that the moms got to take home but the BEST part was socializing with all the moms. Check out the link attached as I think there's still a listing of all the prizes that were won - you wouldn't believe it but there were things like strollers and booster seats given away!

I capped the week off by participating in the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life. The event runs from 7pm until 7am. Most teams put up tents and take turns walking/sleeping but our team tries to stay awake the entire night AND walk the entire night. Three weeks before the event  I broke my toe so didn't walk as long as I'd hoped but I did walk for 7 1/2 hours and I estimate that I walked around 23km. I was walking pretty slow towards the end but I still went as long as I could. Our team consisted of 14 people and between us we raised over $32,000. One of the most amazing moments in my life is when this was announced at midnight to the arena of walkers, they gave us a standing ovation. What made it so amazing was having cancer survivors stand up and cheer for us, when really we should be standing up and cheering for them. Such an emotional moment.  If anyone has ever done this event they know the most difficult hours to keep walking are around 3am - 5am. It's cold, it's dark and usually fairly deserted at that time so it's also very lonely; a small touch of what someone with cancer must sometimes feel like. All in all it's a very uplifting and emotional 12 hours but my twitter folk kept me company throughout the walk so I didn't feel terribly lonely.

There's my recap on my week of fun. Up this week...dinner and a show with Two and The City tonight, U2 concert on Wednesday night, International Children's Festival on Thursday and my birthday party on Saturday. Looks to be another good week!

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  1. Hey Jody,
    Thanks for checking out my blog! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Wow, good job on the Relay for Life! Your team was hard core. What a cute pic of your fam!