Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sick Kids = Survival Mode

He jinxed it!!! DH said 'They kids haven't been sick in a while' and sure enough now they're sick. I think there should be some sort of rule, the person that jinxes something should be the one that has to suffer the consequences.

So, the little lady has a cold and the little man has laryngitis. I didn't think laryngitis was such a big thing but it is for the little man as he could barely breathe for 2 days. They even did x-rays to try and make sure he didn't have Epiglottitis, which can be life threatening because the epiglottis can swell to the point where the tot can't breath. The doctor seems to be most worried about this as he gave me instructions about going to the ER should his breathing become any worse and he gave me an antibiotic to fight the bacteria that causes Epiglottitis.

Scary to hear the little guy having such a hard time breathing, but I'm happy to say he is having less difficulty today so hopefully that 24 hours worth of antibiotics is helping to bring the swelling in his throat down.

There's a few things I learned from this I thought I'd share:

1. Always carry juice or water (I carry sippy cups) for tots as your proposed 30 minute trip may end up being a 3 hour experience

2. Always carry stickers in your purse. These are LIFESAVERS when you are stuck waiting in the doctor office, you can only play Eye Spy for so long!

3. Tic Tacs are one of the greatest inventions ever. For some reason my kids think they're treats and so I always carry a container in my purse. Again, another thing to distract them for a minute and yet its only got 'Less than 2 calories per serving' if I remember the commercial correctly.

4. Call the x-ray place before you show up. I took the kids to the closest location and they stated they don't take children under the age of 5 because they don't have the proper restraints to hold them in place. I offered to hold him and they still didn't let me do it. Went to another location and they didn't even attempt to use any restraints on him, they asked me to hold him!! What a waste of an extra trip.

5. Sick kids = survival mode. You can't do it all when the kids are sick so pick and choose what is essential to get done and what you would just like to get done. You might be disappointed you won't get to do certain things you've planned but there's no sense burning the candle at both ends with you might be up all night with a sick little one.

6. TV can be your friend when the kids are sick. Think about it, when you're feeling sick what do you like to do? Probably sleep, read and watch TV so why not let your kids do the same thing? You might feel guilty about keeping your kids inside on a beautiful day but if you wouldn't go out when you're sick don't force it on the kids. Again, survival mode. They'll be happy to sit still watching Barney and you'll be happy for a bit of a break since you've probably been up all night.

Anyway, every kid gets sick sooner or later so just keep your cool and use your 'mom' senses to make good judgement calls. Then after you get the kids in bed make sure to pat yourself on the back and indulge in some wine & treats for doing such a good job :)


  1. I would also recommend taking change along with you to the ER. Last month when we went to Children's my husband gave me a $20 as I left the house and the change machine wouldn't take it. So there I was at 3 AM with a 4 year old who said he would die if he couldn't have something to eat :) and no change. Thankfully a wonderful lady cleaned her purse of change and had $20 worth.

  2. Sorry to hear your little ones are sick. These are great tips Jody! A tip from one mom to another; we have a bag which we keep in the front closet. The bag is always packed with a portable DVD player, a couple of children's DVDs, scrap paper, crayons, books, crackers, a container of applesauce, a sippy cup, extra diapers and a change of clothes. If we need to rush off somewhere (like the doctor's office) we just grab her diaper bag and the "survival bag".

    Whenever we use an item from the bag, we put a new one in... we also charge the DVD player after every use. Our survival bag has seen many uses for dinners out, excursions to the lake, and family gatherings.

  3. If you forget everything else when going to a doc's office (or even if you don't), It's amazing how a simple game of rock, paper, scissors can keep kids amused.