Monday, June 14, 2010

Money where my mouth is...

I have talked for AGES about starting a blog or a company called The Practical Bride, or The Practical Mom and I figured now was as good as time as any to get started on it. Since I've already passed my 'bride' stage I figured I'd just simply call myself 'One Practical Woman' as well, that's how I see myself in all stages of my life.

Mainly the reason I call myself 'practical' is because I'm the type of person who likes to tell it like it is. I'm not afraid to tell people of my failures and conclusions and hopefully they can learn from them - if they're interested!

So, I'm hoping through my life experiences people can learn about the practical side of being a wife, a mom, a woman, a volunteer, a planner/organizer, and all the other hats I wear through life.

Here's hoping I don't offend or bore too many folks ;)



  1. Excellent! I look very forward to following your blog!! p.s. if you want to post any memoirs from your prior practical bride stage, such tips remain welcomed by this fellow practical woman

  2. Fabulous! I could use a bit more practical perspective. :)

  3. You are practically... awesome! Can't wait to hear your practical updates.

  4. Looking forward to the blog! I'll be following.