Friday, June 25, 2010

Home Remedies & Old Wives' Tales

So, I'm sure you've heard a few of them...chicken soup when you're sick, ginger ale that is flat when you have a fever, an itchy palm means money is coming your way, a rapid heart rate in babe means you're having a girl, etc. Have you ever wondered if any of these things are actually true? Have you ever actually tested any of them?

Yesterday when the little man could not stop coughing I finally decided to test one I had heard a while back: to stop a cough rub Vics on the soles of his feet. He actually thought it was pretty funny and I'm happy to say he actually kept his socks on, I was positive he was going to take them back off again to explore his gelled feet. The Vics didn't stop his cough entirely but I did notice a difference. He had been coughing non-stop (literally every 5-10 seconds) and I noticed it went down to about once or twice a minute, and then we had a period of an hour or so that he only coughed a few times. I'd probably do it again before I'd swear by it but I was happy to at least see SOME sort of change in him.

Anyway, I figured this would be a good place to ask you for your home remedies, or old wives' tales that you have tested or have found to be true. Let's hear 'em!

I bought 3 Lotto Max tickets and have yet to experience itchy palms so we'll see what happens after the there any way to MAKE your palms itchy???

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  1. We ALWAYS get rid of hiccups like this: Someone puts their hands over your ears while you drink a glass of water. Works for my kids every time!