Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh no you didn't!

My husband joined my yoga class again last night. #*@! (I'm old-fashioned, I still prefer the symbols)

I hear people say 'that's so cute!', 'what a nice way to spend some time together' and as I'm listening to comments like that I think that I must be one selfish person because yoga was MY time away from hubby and kids and now it's turned into a couple thing. It's one thing if we were to play a sport together but yoga is just different, it's about letting everything go for 1 1/2 hours and recentering myself for the rest of the week. Kind of hard to do when part of my home life is right next to me trying like mad to contort himself into dolphin pose.

Do you know what I thought about for more than 1/2 of shavasana yesterday??? I kept thinking 'Is that David snoring? Should I wake him up? Maybe if I just stretch over I can reach his hand and gently shake him awake.' Not normal shavasana quite meditating thoughts at all! Turns out it wasn't him, it was the guy beside him but that was beside the point, I shouldn't be thinking of stuff like that- I should be in my own tranquil spot. If hubby hadn't been there and I was beside the snoring guy I might have just smiled to myself and would have went back to my own quiet reflection.

So, while I do enjoy the fact that hubby likes yoga and is interested in going I must say it's changed my experience. It's not horrible, it just means sharing a part of myself that for the past 6 months I've either done with the girls or just by myself. I've decided to try not to be too selfish, I'm not going to prevent him from going but maybe, just maybe I'll sneak my mat over a little farther away next time ;)

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