Saturday, September 3, 2011

Confessions of a Frantic Mom

Time to fess up. Whenever someone says to me 'You're so organized' the first thing I think is how I want to tell them it's all an act. Yep. It's all an act. I'm a faker. I do my best to hide my frantic side from most people but at times like this it's not just seeping through the cracks, it's pouring out.

September is notoriously a difficult month because it's the start of the school season but it;s also one of Hub's busiest months at work as he travels a great deal in this month. This year though we not only have DD starting kindergarten but DS is starting preschool and both kids are starting swim lessons twice a week. On top of that it's less than a month before Run for the Cure so it means lots of meetings, events, etc. Now I just got the schedule for both kids and see that I have to attend some parent info nights and had to sign up to volunteer for their schools. Yep. I'm in panic mode.

Simply put I'm a frantic mom who has no idea how to pull this all off. Most days I just want to cry 'I want my mommy!'. The calendar is freaking me out and I am honest when I say I'm not handling it very well. Lately I've been going to bed earlier and earlier each night. It's a way for me to escape the reality of our crazy lives. I'm just so entirely thankful that we have the help of my parents. I couldn't imagine trying to manage this month without their help.

At this point my best hope for the month is to just manage without falling apart. Or at least to manage without other people noticing me fall apart. I have my fake image to uphold right?


  1. Or you can just run away and never look worked for Simba on Lion King, well at least just for a couple years. Eventually you always end up looking back....

  2. Awwww sorry to hear it's so crazy for you right now. Maybe you can use the time that both kids are in school to get stuff done (or even more importantly, get some quiet time to yourself so you can recharge your batteries for the rest of the day).

    On the positive side... it sounds like you'll be so busy that the month will fly right by!

  3. Sadly the kids are never in school at the same time! J is in the mornings and C is in the afternoons so I always have 1 kids with me at all times.
    I'm a little frightened. I just added 2 new things to my calendar for the month. I need to stop adding things!