Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Rant From The Crazy Lady

Did you see that crazy lady in her PJ's getting angry at that construction worker this morning??? Yep, that was me. I've finally reached 'Crazy Lady' status as I just simply can't take it anymore! I think I've quoted the construction bylaw enough times I may just know it all by heart.

I will fully admit that before we started building we knew that it was going to be a pain in the ass, but I just didn't understand how much of a pain in the ass it could really be - I was naive.

Silly me thought I would hear a fair amount of noise from about 8am until 8pm. Little did I know that the City of Edmonton actually allows for construction from 7am-10pm Mon-Sat and 9am-7pm on Sundays and holidays.

I sucked it up and adjusted to the new routine of lots of 'BEEP, BEEP, BEEP' of equipment backing up in the mornings, nails being hammered, construction workers blaring their awful taste in music, but what I will not adjust to is construction starting before that 7am start time.

Call me what you will behind my back (or to my face) Mr. Worker but this is where I LIVE and I WILL have you abide by that 7am start time and 10pm finish time. I am quite sure that if I came into your neighbourhood and made the same level of noise you make, that you would chase me off.

I've been pretty flexible in the past, if you start at 6:45am I won't complain but anything before 6:30am gets me all riled up! And come on, 5:50am??? Use your brain, can you see all the kids toys out behind our undeveloped yard - yep that means there's people that live here with little kids. Seriously, it's not that hard to figure out.

I can totally appreciate that the weather has not cooperated with your building efforts and so you try to fit it in when you can. But then how about instead of starting at 5:50am or finishing at 10:45pm, you cut down that 2 hour lunch break I saw you take? Or the 45 minute smoke break with your friends that came over?

Really, I'm not a bitch but I most certainly can be bitchy about this subject. I've put up with the endless amounts of garbage that ends up in our yard, the nails on the sidewalk my kids pick up, your peeing in front of my kitchen window, your swearing, etc, etc but I've finally drawn my line in the sand when it comes to the 5:50am start time. Now I simply give a fair warning, should you cross that line you will have to deal with the crazy lady in her PJ's, and possibly her rolling pin.

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  1. 5:50am?!...seems to violate not only a bylaw but possibly more as it just sounds downright illegal!! Talk about total lack of manners, for shame construction workers, for shame. I'm so sorry to hear all the horrible hassles. How long is construction expected to continue?