Monday, July 5, 2010

The Practical Shopper

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm not a HUGE fan of shopping. I think it all stems back to when my brother, cousin and I got dragged around West Edmonton Mall every Friday night while our moms tried on clothes. Store after store after store our only excitement was to fight for the single chair by the change rooms so we at least had somewhere to sit. It was excruciatingly painful!!

People used to be amazed that I would only go shopping 4 times a year (yep that's right, once a quarter!) and were shocked to see how many bags I could carry at one time. People seeing me come out of the mall with my bags would always make oh so witty comments like 'shop much?' which I could easily answer with 'actually, no'.

I'll admit that I have eased up a bit on my dislike of shopping and now only call it an inconvenience. Truly I don't like going unless I have something specific to purchase but now with so many friends getting married and having kids (plus my own kids) means many more trips to the mall.

There's a few things I've learned that help me get what I need in a short period of time so that I don't get turned off shopping again. Here's a few of the things I find help:

1. Plan out your shopping excursion. Park at the end of the mall where you're going to do the majority of your shopping or where you plan on purchasing the larger items.
2. Save buying the larger items until last as you don't want to have to carry them around the whole trip.

3. Leave the kids at home unless you're only going for 1 thing. It's near impossible to push a stroller with 2 kids, plus parcels, plus sippy cups, and a purse, a diaper bag, etc.

4. If you are able to leave the kids at home it means you're likely shopping on a Saturday or Sunday so to avoid the crowds go the moment the stores open. Even at West Edmonton Mall it's relatively quiet first thing in the morning.

5. Bring reusable bags. Many stores are now charging for plastic bags - as they should be! So store a couple reusable bags in your car so you're ready to go.

6. Avoid the food court. Really, can anyone honestly say they've had a great food court experience? It will just make you feel gross and slow you down!

7. And finally, avoid eye contact with the kiosk vendors or you'll end up with some new skin cream on your face or a remote helicopter following you around!

Hope those help, if you have any additional tips feel free to post them :)

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  1. Too true. I'm definitely not a browser either! I always shop with something very specific in mind. Maybe that's how I can go into Costco and only buy one thing! I've worked for years in malls and shops so I think I've had my fill of them. I don't even like shopping when on vacation. When I do shop, I power shop and get everything on my list in one excursion! One tip I can add is that I really like to compare and preview items online before I even go into the store, so by the time I get there I've already narrowed things down, hence even less browsing! Sales people must love me! Such easy sales!

    - Shilo