Monday, December 1, 2014

Kids Kindness Advent Calendar

Several years ago I purchased this wooden Advent Calendar we use to count down the days until Christmas. Each year I fill it with small pieces of candy, cool rocks, or small toys.The kids love opening the doors to find out what little treasure is inside that day and I like that I can customize it to what their interest currently are.

This year I decided to things a little differently. Today when they opened door #1 they found a treat along with an Act of Kindness challenge to complete. 

For the next 24 days I've selected several easy, and a few more difficult ways for the kids to celebrate Christmas through acts of giving and kindness.

I've given the kids challenges such as: Tell two people what makes them special, make a card/craft and give it to the shy kid in your classroom, pick up garbage you see around your school, pick 10 books you don't read anymore and donate them to charity, and call a relative you haven't spoken to in a while. 

At the end of Christmas I'll post a note letting you know how it goes. By the end of the 24 days I'm hoping the kids will want to continue on with these actions as they do not need to end when Christmas arrives, instead they can be practiced daily as a way of life. 

Happy Holidays! 

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