Saturday, September 1, 2012

100 Random Things

For my 100th post I thought I'd say something profound. But since I couldn't think of anything profound I thought I'd post 100 random things. Let the oddity begin:

1. I LOVE my daughter's freckles

2. Armadillos creep me out, they're like rats with a shell

3. Pasta, pasta, pasta - yes please!

4. My husband had a very elaborate way to propose to me but when it fell through at the last moment he planned a slightly less elaborate proposal.

5. I like GINGERS!

6. Bubble bath = Bliss

7. I didn't find my passion until I was 30 years old and working at the Mustard Seed in Calgary

8. Still don't understand why people have to be bitchy about what phone I use. I like it. It's my preference. Let it go. You are not superior for owning a different brand of phone.

9. Fall is my favourite season because I can wear many sweaters


11. My son loves robots and that makes him cool in my books

12. I have no idea what to do with our massive cd collection

13. Jinx!

14.  I say 'seriously' way to much and now my kids say it all the time

15. I sometimes repeat myself

16. I sometimes repeat myself

17. Words I find funny: bunwich, poke-check, five-hole, and kerfuffle

18. Cat purrs heal many hurts

19. The best invention in the past 20-ish years (besides the internet) is the PVR

20. That being said I watch many shows in FFWD mode

21. I've been married twice. HA! No I haven't, just thought I'd check to see if you're still reading.

22. Hugs and hearts to the people who come out and volunteer with me :)

23. Love that Hubs and I have the same love of fine dining, traveling and movies.

24. Troy and Abed in the MORNING!

25. Favourite 2 books of all time: To Kill A Mockingbird and The Power of One

26. Not a fan of going barefoot

27. Twitter kicks Facebooks butt

28. I talk too much and listen too little.

29. Nerds RULE!

30. What?! I'm only at 30?! I should have done this post for my 30th post not 100th.

31. I quote tv shows ALMOST as much as Hubs quotes movies

32. Vampires don't sparkle

33. A few months ago I got asked for ID at age 37. Woot woot!

34. Did you drink enough water today?

35. I'm lucky to have some amazing friends, all bring something different into my life and I hope I give a little something back to them :)

36.Going to be an Auntie again...wee!!!

37. According to Myers Briggs I'm 50% introvert and 50% extrovert; it's kinda right.

38. Watch Community and 30 Rock, if you don't you're missing out.

39. After living in the country for 18 years it took me 2 years to adjust to the noise & lights at bedtime

40. 4 is my favourite number

41. I always set a time limit to wallow and feel depressed

42. After many years of trying I still have yet to 100% correctly complete the paper crossword

43. So far it's taken me 4 days to write this post.

44. ohhhh, two 4's in a row (see #40)

45. People that share an email address with their significant other baffle me. I have 5 accounts to myself.

46. Does anyone else remember the tv show Four on the Floor? 

47. I have no desire to ever be on tv. EVER.

48. I exercise so I can eat more foods I like that are not good for me (except they do wonders for my mental state)

49. We have a cat named Zazoo who likes to eat the strings on balloons and then puke

50. Half way there!

51. Love that my daughter has friends that call her Joc. One of the main reasons we named her Jocelyn was because it could be shortened to Joc.

52. I have one of the longest nick names ever: Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo (but I go by Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabado) and it's from the Simpsons

53. Peanut Buster Parfait is my ice cream weakness.

54. I only tend to make it 3/4 of the way through self-help/parenting/advice books and then never finish.

55. Spoon!

56. Yes, certain references you'll only get if you're a nerd.

57. My Grandpa Charlie was my hero.

59. No really I'm on 58 but once again I was wondering if anyone was paying attention.

59. Places I  want to see the most: China, Rome, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Turkey, and the list goes on...

60. I got glasses when I was in grade 3 and contacts when I was in grade 11 because I broke 8 pairs of glasses in sports in grade 10.

61. Remember Beta, Palm Pilots, Texas Instruments, and transistor radios? I do.

62. I learned to type on an actual typewriter.

63. Why do people say 'dethawed'?

64. Smiling is my favourite.

65. CSIS is cool.

66. The real James Bond will always be Sean Connery

67. Since everything has become non-smoking I'm a total smoke-snob & can't stand the smell

68. I'll stop watching a boring movie but won't ever put down a boring book.

69. *snicker, snicker*

70. What the WHAT?!

71. It's now taken me 8 days to write this.

72. People that fight on social media sites amuse me.

73. We really liked the name Marcus for a boy but his name would end up sounding too much like the department store Marks & Spencer.

74. Still want to have 2 cats named Mulder and Scully

75.Remember the days the Black Dog used to show episodes of the X-Files in their basement? It was so packed people sat on the floor to watch.

76. Pop pop!

77. Dill pickle chips #FTW

78. Ironing was my least favourite chore growing up.

79. Shelling peas was my favourite because you could do it in front of the tv AND eat them at the same time.

80. I miss drive-in theatres.

81. My mom said my first crush was John Travolta after seeing Grease when I was 3 or 4.

82. Country music and I don't mix.

83. Have you watched The Soup? You should. It basically just makes fun of all other tv shows and it's awesome:

84. The one famous person I would have liked to have met before her passing was Mother Teresa.

85. I buy local as much as I can, after that I buy Canadian as much as I can.

86. Always have a zombie apocalypse plan in place.

87. Rule #2: Double Tap

88. I have a gift for predicting tv show, book and movie plots early on. It's a fairly useless gift.


90. The weather is the weather, you can't do anything about it but move.

91. Go volunteer somewhere, it will make you feel like a million bucks.

92. I prefer using commas rather than semi-colons even when I know I'm using them incorrectly.

93. Tom Cruise scares me and he always has.

94. I dread the day my son will no longer let me pinch his cheeks.

95. What ever happened to keytars?

96. Oh I'm picking out a thermos for you, not an ordinary thermos for you

97. This is seriously the most random list EVER. See, I used #14 again.

98. Watch out for tickers.

99. My family is my everything.

100. I'm shocked I'm still blogging after 2 years and even more shocked I couldn't come up with a better 100th post than this!


  1. #15 and #16 are hilarious! Loved this post!

  2. And this is why we're such good friends. As I read your list, I was saying... yup, me too, yup meeeee too! And then I laughed... and laughted.

    Awesome post! :D