Monday, April 16, 2012

What I've Learned From Blogging

Have you ever sat back and wondered what lessons you've learned from blogging? I've learned a few things I though I'd share:

1. You're Never Going To Please Everyone - most people will enjoy and appreciate your writing style or the things you have to say, or possibly just be indifferent to it. But there will always be someone who doesn't agree or like what you have to say. You have to learn that if you're going to put yourself out there publicly you need to take the good with the bad.

2. Perception - you may think you're coming across one way when in fact you are coming off totally different than how you intended. This somewhat goes hand in hand with #1. I find it's good to write a post and then just sit on it for a day or two...or sometimes more. It gives you a chance to reread and maybe try to see how you may be coming across.

3. Everyone Writes For Different Reasons - some people try to make a business out of it, some people just write for the sake of writing. Whatever your reasons you have to remember what is important to you and stay true to yourself. In the end it's still you you're representing.

4. It's Probably Been Written Before - since blogs have allowed everyone to post their thoughts publically you need to realize that whatever you're writing has probably been written before. Not the exact thing you've written but a version of it. So I've learned not to get offended if someone says 'I just wrote something like that' because chances are someone wrote something similar before them as well. Think of it like recipes, no one really starts from scratch, they start with a base and make it their own.

5. Try To Remember It's Supposed To Be Fun - if there comes a time when you don't feel like writing, then don't. I think if you ever feel like it's becoming a chore then step away and start writing again when you feel like you miss it.

What things have you learned from blogging?


  1. I've learned that building a readership is like building a relationship... it takes time and commitment to keep readers coming back for more. I've learned that regular postings as well as regular visits to other blogs has been the biggest factor in building my blog.

  2. What surprised me the most is that my posts about Ripped in 30, quinoa salad, and on turning 30 have received more traffic than any other posts I've written. I thought my archaeology posts would be of more interest but I'm finding people are being drawn to my site because of what they are searching for on google and then are reading other related (what I'll call "self reflection" posts).

    Thanks for sharing your insights - all valid points to keep in mind.