Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Keepin' The Love Alive

Hubs and I lucked out and in the past few weeks we were able to go on a few dates. For one date we went to a pub, listened to a singer and then headed to a hockey game; it was so refreshing. For the other date we went to a local restaurant called D'Lish and then to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

Hockey and a movie may not sound like the most romantic outings and yet for us it helps us share activities that we both enjoy. It puts us in a good mood because we're both doing something we like AND we're doing it together.

Even for those times that we can't get out on a date we try to watch a movie together at home or play a game. I find it really helps for us to have the same hobbies and enjoy the same styles of movies as neither one of us feels like we're being forced to do something for the sake of the other.

What I've always wondered though is how 'opposites attract' couples manage when it comes to dates. I see many women complain online about being forced to watch a sporting event or a man complain about watching The Bachelor. So how do they do things together without feeling some resentment for being forced to do something they're not interested in?

I find it helps us keep our love alive by doing things we mutually enjoy. Do you and your husband share similar interests or do you sometimes feel like you need to compromise on activities for date time? If so, do you take turns deciding what to do? What do you do to keep the love alive in your relationship?


  1. Oh hubs and I have so much in common. We have no trouble keeping the love alive. I also love that we work in the same profession; so we can brainstorm about practices, philosophies, ideas, etc. (it makes talking about "work" more interesting).

    I think one of the reasons why my first marriage failed was because we were such different people that it was a struggle to find common ground. It's a good thing though... because I wouldn't have married the love of my life if it weren't for my first marriage failing.

  2. Since we both have to eat and have limited time, we usually just go to dinner, sometimes a But, ultimately, with 5 kids under tow right now, we don't always "want" to say go bowling...maybe in another 5 or so...