Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yikes! Who is That Woman in the Mirror?

The other day I looked into the mirror, I mean REALLY looked, and wasn't quite sure who was looking back. I was asked for ID until I was 35 years old so I think I took for granted that wrinkles wouldn't touch me for some time. And yet here they are...with a vengeance. It's changed the whole landscape of my face to the point I am not sure who this woman is anymore. Who is that scary ol' lady in the mirror!

It was probably about in April that I looked at my face a little closer than normal and noticed my 'mom lines'. You know the ones I mean, they're the ones that run between your eyebrows and nose and crease up into your forehead. There's nothin' pretty about them. They make you look angry all the time rather than that 'surprised!' or 'say what?' wrinkle lines you can get that run across your forehead.

What the hell!?! I was shocked. They literally appeared overnight. For the first time in my life I sought out wrinkle cream. Oh my God, I've become my mom. Just like her I now have jars and tubes of creams and concoctions overflowing on my bathroom counter to try and repair the wrinkle damage to my skin. Do I think it will work? No. Do I keep doing it anyway? Yes.

It makes me wonder, and worry a little, who will be looking back at me in the mirror next year. More white hairs? More wrinkles? A creepy, out of place hair growing in the middle of my chin (probably my biggest fear)? Until further notice I think I'll be joining the hordes in search of the fountain of youth and will be avoiding direct eye contact with myself in the mirror.

Do you have any aging/wrinkle/acceptance advice? How do you deal with the changes you face with growing older?

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