Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A FIERCE Way To Have Fun!

This past weekend I was very fortunate to hang out with some amazing women at a FIERCE Fusion event that was held at Miss Boss Handbags and Accessories. FIERCE Fusion events are for women to get together in a fun atmosphere to be able to connect, share stories, learn from one another, and make business contacts.

The location for the mixer was a great choice. It was flirty and fun with wine, dessert, shopping and good conversation; a very girly affair!  The best part was meeting some amazing ladies that I've been chatting with on Twitter. The event was a great way to meet new FIERCE women in a casual, fun environment. It also didn't hurt that I found some great new jewelry, and a Matt & Nat wristlet!

There's a handful of new FIERCE Fusion events coming up over the next few months that cover a broad range of Women's topics. There's events called Sexy Panel, Shopping at Sephora and Money Talks. Be sure to check them out on MOM Magazine. You'll get to meet some amazing women, learn something new and possibly come away with a goodie or two ;)

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