Friday, August 12, 2011

My Great Equalizers

Whenever I've had a rough day I search out the same few things to make my day right. If I'm on the road and am having a bad day I search for the nearest Starbucks. Chai makes everything juuuuusssttt right. The first sip makes me say 'Ahhhh', and each sip after that just seems to help me put the pieces back together.

If things have gone wrong and I am home I want my bathtub and a book. There's times I would be perfectly happy to crawl into that thing in the middle of the day but I can usually hold off until the kids are in bed. It has amazing restorative healing powers! (no, I don't rent it out, it's all mine!!)

Volunteering or setting up a volunteer event always brightens my mood. I can go to a volunteer outing in the worst mood ever and find that it's turned around in 2 minutes flat. Once you see who you are helping and why you're there, it melts all other worries/stresses away.

A snuggle with the kids or an impromptu hug or kiss from them is also a Great Equalizer, especially if they were the ones causing my stress ;) I feel lucky that my daughter is a snuggle bunny. She loves to hug and kiss and snuggle up close so if I'm in a down mood I just scoop her up for some snuggles. My son does this more sparingly but it makes it all the more special when he volunteering one on his own.

There are days when I need all of the above and days where I might just need one. The days I get  none of the above - watch out! Back up! Danger! Danger! DANGER! 

What are your Great Equalizers? What helps to make you feel better when you're having a rough day?

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  1. Wine always helps!

    Actually having a great friends (such as you) is one of my greatest equalizers.