Monday, January 17, 2011

I've Found My Passion, Have You?

When did you realize what you were passionate about? I didn't realize what really filled my tank until the spring of 2004. I was working in a job that meant nothing to me; I felt that my job had no purpose and was struggling to find what my passions were.

After experiencing some health issues I quit my job, took a month off and decided to evaluate my life before applying for new jobs. After a long talk with the Hubs I expressed my interest to him about changing my career direction to do something worthwhile. He fully supported the move and I started applying for jobs in non-profit. The Mustard Seed gave me my first chance at my dreams. It was the most wonderful job I ever had and filled my tank like no other job or activity ever had.

After leaving The Mustard Seed to start a family I still always kept up with my volunteer work and helping out wherever I could. The more I started being a volunteer rather than a employee, the more I felt I was on the right track. One weekend I was listening to a presentation about a man that raised $20,000 for a charity after his wife died. I was struck by how sad it was, not just that his wife passed, but that we all tend to wait until something tragic has touched us to do something about it. I couldn't get this out of my head so I decided to start a volunteer group comprised of the wives of my Hub's coworkers.

JACKPOT! I had finally found my calling. This is what I'm good at. This is my passion. I get to incorporate my organizational skills, my knowledge of the workings of non-profit and my passion to motivate others to be active NOW. 

Since moving to Edmonton it's been on my mind to get another volunteer group started and now that I have I feel so inspired by the number of people who want to help in their community. It is my dream and passion to help motivate others and in return I find they motivate me - how wonderful is that?

So a little later in life than maybe most but I've finally found my passion. Have you found yours? What fills your tank and helps you to fill others?

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  1. Finding your passion is important... it makes your life feel full and worthwhile. Your passion is inspiring and I look forward to doing future volunteer work with you!

    My passion??? I love working with children. To think that I'm directly impacting future generations is a huge honour.

    I've also found a passion in writing. I am so thankful I started my blog because I would have never otherwise known how much I love to write!